Fares is a photographer most known for his lifestyle photojournalistic work. He started as a travel photographer and particularly focuses on landscape & astrophotography. His eye is most specialized in capturing moments which otherwise would have been forgotten by time. He is an experienced traveler and hosts travelers to Jordan frequently.

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Hello! I am an American photographer living in Jordan! I am passionate about photography, coffee and culture. You can always find me on the weekends checking out a new coffee shop and meeting new people. What I love the most about photography is when you look at a picture of someone and feel you’ve seen them; not what they look like, but who they are! That is my goal for you while you discover the country of Jordan and all that is found within it. Let’s create some memories together! 

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Born and raised in Amman - Jordan 
I’ve always loved photography, ever since I was a child I loved  that friendly feeling when I run at random people and let them say CHEESE for a picture.
It always has given me inner happiness.
I love to explore and laugh through the journey of photography and  expect unexpected destinations!

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“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” 

I am Shoruq Moh, Half Palestinian - Half Jordanian. Was raised between Hebron and Amman, two beautiful cities where I found the first love of my life “photography”. Throughout the years I found it really interesting to take a snap or a picture of happy moments where we can look at it later and value these happy times. I had this passion since I was a little girl and at age 16 I bought my own first camera after years of saving! 

To include, I enjoy the happy faces, shy smiles and precious tears that people made when they see their happy moments captured by my Camera.

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