My name is George and I am a photographer, based in Greece loving to travel where there are people who trust me to transform their moments and feelings into beautiful pictures. The joy of communication with people, is what fills me with energy and makes me consider photography as a way of expression and creativity! I am a father of two children and a husband of a wonderful wife who provides me with all I need to walk through life. I am also a coffee lover and a great humorist!

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Hi. I am Manes – born and raised in London, I moved to Athens about 18 years ago in search of the awesome “light of Greece” and I found it. Self taught storyteller wedding style, portrait and lifestyle photographer my assignments have taken me from New York, London, Munich, Rome, Mallorca as well as all over Greece (islands and mainland). I am easy going, relaxed and would love to show you my Athens, or why not even a nearby island.

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