My name is George and I am a photographer, based in Greece loving to travel where there are people who trust me to transform their moments and feelings into beautiful pictures. The joy of communication with people, is what fills me with energy and makes me consider photography as a way of expression and creativity! I am a father of two children and a husband of a wonderful wife who provides me with all I need to walk through life. I am also a coffee lover and a great humorist!

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I am Jiorjia, I am a fashion and lifestyle photographer located in Athens Greece.  I have studies in photography and music, I have experience in fashion and advertising photography, as well as lifestyle and portraits. My work has been featured in many magazines around the world. My clients include actors, celebrities, fashion brands, independent designers and also fashion bloggers. I am a world traveler, and i love meeting new people and cultures. I enjoy long city walks and good food. 

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My name is Jakob, or Iakovos in Greek, and I am a photographer based in Athens Greece, I became a photographer because I like to create, create moments, memories and art. I am getting my inspiration by travelling all around my city and the rest of the country and trying to find small jewels that nobody else knows.

I love to shoot with my clients in a way that is friendly and relaxed, this is because I consider my clients to be my guests.

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I am Konstantinos Skourtis, an Athenian photographer. Born and bred 40 years in this city, I have grown to love it for what it is, its diversity and I genuinely want to share it with you.Pick me and we will have a great time together, exploring hidden city gems, learning what an ordinary tour guide book will not reveal and creating great and life-lasting pictures along the way. I enjoy good food (thankfully we have a lot around!) and great vistas of the city, both from the seaside and the mountains surrounding it. No matter if you have a location in mind or you are open to suggestions, we will work together to create a unique tailor made experience for you.Thank you!

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My name is Petros and I was born and raised in Germany.  My family is my inspiration and motivation in every aspect of my life. Being a father of three and a husband to a beautiful wife, I have come to know the value of a good photo, which, like wine, gets better over time. Working as a professional photographer for over a decade is a true blessing. Through my lens, I've discovered a world full of colors, emotions, lights, shadows and smiles...hundreds of thousands of smiles!

I've been living in Athens for the past 25 years… a vibrant city that continues to amaze me for its rich history and culture. I would love to be a part of your Athenian experience and help you co-create lasting memories.  

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 love, joy, happiness, family, friends, holidays, vacations


Every time I capture people's moments in Greece I realise how lucky I am to live in this beautiful country!
It's a privilege for me to witness and capture memories of so many people. My goal in every photo-tour is not only to guide visitors through breathtaking landscapes and beautiful sights but also to make them feel like home, relax and have real fun. I want each one of my photographs to picture a real moment.

I like to travel, like probably most of you. Driving my motorbike, flying or on a ferry, I don't really mind how I get there as long as I have good company and a Santorini's Vinsanto dessert wine in my bag. Australia and Asia are my dream destinations.

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Photography was always a passion of mine, so I became a professional Fashion and Portrait photographer. 
I’ve been fortunate to live out my passion for photography and photograph hundreds of couples and families in the city I am lucky to call home.    
One of the greatest compliments that I hear from clients is that they not only love their photographs from Athens, but they had such an enjoyable experience working with me.
I consider myself easy going, fun-loving and creative, and I am dedicated to providing my clients with a fun, stress-free photo session (and planning process!). 
I love meeting people from all over the world and learning about who they are and where they come from.
I would be happy to create professional and memorable portraits of you and the people most important to you in Athens.

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