Self taught freelance photographer, Cam left home in Virginia to pursue his career in Atlanta, Ga. With over 8 years and counting living in the area, he has photographed many subjects from the most notable landmarks to the hidden gems and unseen areas the city has to offer. Concentrating on portrait photography has opened many doors and allowed his creative process to grow. Finding unique and lavish textures to serve as backdrops to his portraits, creating a one of a kind portrait experience. 

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I’m 33 years old and love the simple joy of taking pictures. I graduated from college in Texas, moved to Maui for two years, Los Angeles for four, then Dallas, and now the Carolinas. I fell in love with photography while living in Los Angeles where I developed a skill for candid street photography that still heavily influences my work today. I take pride in my work and would be honored to be your personal photographer!

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Welcome to Atlanta!  My name is Kate, and I can’t wait to introduce you to this beautiful city and its diverse surroundings! With my passion and specialty as a lifestyle photographer, I become a part of the travel with you in a way that is informal, un-posed, and fun. This allows me to quietly capture the joy of the exploration and the beauty of the moments as they happen. So, whether we’re touring interesting city streets, Atlanta’s vibrant culture, the beauty of the North Georgia mountains, or anywhere tucked in between, your experience of the South will be worth capturing!

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