My name is Lydia Arnold and I am a passionate wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been behind the camera for over 10 years now and I love it. I am always up for an adventure, chasing a sunset, swimming in the ocean and eating good food. Some of my favorite things about my city are: the beautiful beaches, the lush nature (mountains, parks, forests, waterfalls and more), the endless amount of good cafes and all the special secret spots. I love to travel also and enjoy meeting new people. I look forward to showing you all the best bits of Auckland!

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Hello there! I’m Prunella and I love taking photos of people, gearing towards the lifestyle and editorial side of photography. I enjoy thinking out of the box and going wild with ideas. I absolutely love the city of Auckland so that means I’ll know the best places to take your one in a lifetime shots! When you’re ready, let’s head off on our adventure!

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I was raised in Northern Italy and studied photography in Milan before moving to Grosseto, Tuscany, where I worked for 25 years as a professional photographer and film maker.

Forced to move once more due to the destine twitsts, I decided to live in Ireland. Once there, I fell in love with the rugged landscape of Donegal and decided to remain on in my newly adopted land specifically LetterKenny. I now work in the field of photography and videography. I am a member of the Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti Italiani.

One more time I moved, and I’m now living in Auckland - so, let’s discover it together!

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Hey there! I’m a 22-year-old kiwi kid with a huge passion for photography. Not only do I enjoy having my shoots in the busy streets of Auckland, but also out and about where the mountains, beaches and ranges reside. I would be more than happy to be your guide around Auckland, and to document your story here through the camera lens.

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My name is Skyler, I’m 23, and I am originally from Chicago, but have lived in Beijing a little over 2 years now. I speak English and some Chinese. My goal for any client is to tell a story and elicit emotion through my photography. I love capturing posed and even raw moments in order to bring a creative vision to life. I like to incorporate the style and personality of a person mixed with mine to produce something we can both be inspired by. I mainly shoot portrait, fashion, and street photography.

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Auckland-Headshot Photographer


Hello, I’m Zanda & I am your Auckland photographer. I was born in Latvia, but have always been a world traveler and moved New Zealand few years ago. I am a graphic designer and an entrepreneur based in Auckland/ New Zealand and want to make the world a better place. My work and photography are inspired by the aesthetics of nature, color, geometry of shadow, freedom of space, light, texture & little everyday moments. I look forward to show you the best places in Auckland and together experience the uniqueness of the city.

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