Hi, I'm Andre. I was born in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia), then moved to Melbourne Australia and stayed there for 4 years, and now I'm living in the paradise island; Bali Indonesia. I love to travel and go explore the outdoors, and that has influenced my style of photography. I love combining moments and adventures in the outdoors in a natural/non-exaggerated approach. Shooting people when they travel has been my dream for long time. I love to create stories with my photography, so that they will be beautiful memories that my clients can treasure. 

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My name is Leandro and you can call me Andros. I was born in Sumba, a small island located at the southern part of Indonesia. Pursuing my passion in photography. I moved to Bali and I have lived there ever since. A beautiful island, also known as the “Island Of Gods” Bali has a lot of offer that I can take my eyes off it’s beautiful culture, gorgeous buildings, and of course Stunning beaches! I look forward to helping you captured the best moments and make them memorable. I will see you in Bali! 

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I go by the name Rommy. I'm a self-taught photographer. My passion in photography have peep out since in junor high, and Ever since that day I always love to snap things around me. I love to encounter with new friends, be acquainted, and explore new places. And obviously, not to forget to snap some shots! It's like The Meth of me. My drugs. My addiction. Like I'm hooked to it. I adore to snap things then make it to be a priceless treasure of moment, a never-to-be-forgotten memory, and a story through my photographs. Let's shoot with me!

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