My Name is Khampee Sitthiho. My Nickname is Phai. In my social I use my name is Phai.
I have live in Bangkok since I was born.I have begun a photography for 8 years ago and become a professional photographer after then 2 years. I love to travel around my country take a landscape photo of many famous place in Thailand. Then I start to take wedding photography on any location in Thailand. My photography style is natural emotion and did not like to use flash, I love nature light. I love in decisive moment that was true and always true.

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Hi, I'm Thana based in Bangkok, Thailand. I approach to photography as a storyteller and realize that picture telling is like a diary book in every moment of life be just as important. I look forward to be a part to capture your moment, come and enjoy having a walk with me while I take you some awesome photos in the most beautiful spots this city can offer.


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