My name is Adam. I’m an Irish documentary and lifestyle photographer. I studied photography for a brief spell in Dublin, and have been travelling since. Europe is my oyster, I’ve spent some months living in various cities across the continent. Barcelona is where I find myself now, and hope to be for the permanent future. It is an incredible city, full of life and beauty. So much different areas to explore, each as magical as the next. It’s energetic, and a joy to just wander around at your own pace.

Photography has been a serious part of my life since my early teenage years. Resulting in a sincere passion for it. I would be honoured to be given the opportunity to photograph you in this wonderful city, creating permanent mementos for you to look back on. And cherish! Come with me and explore!

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¡Hola! I’m Alex and I’m here to share with you my passion and knowledge about sunny Barcelona! I assume you have an important reason for ditching the selfie-stick and hiring someone to create lifelong memories for you, and I’d be thrilled to help you with that.  We have magical colors, sunshine and joy – all set as a perfect backdrop for your romantic break or family holiday.
Portraits are best when they reflect your natural (not posing) yet most attractive traits – my job is to help you with that and to capture those beautiful moments. 

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Hola travelers! My name is Alessandro, born in Italy and raised all over the world. I’m 30 years old, easy going and in love with life. I like to constantly discover new places here in Barcelona and showing them to the people who come over to visit. I love natural lights, smiles, and architecture... and this is what I’ll try to catch bringing you all over the beautiful Barcelona. I would be happy to share a moment with you and create lasting memories from your trip in Barcelona.

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I'm Anna, born in Budapest where I completed a photography MA diploma, between my studies I moved to Barcelona for an erasmus year then I stucked here. I'm specialized in portrait photography but also love to find beautiful sceneries in nature or in the urban atmosphere. I like the challenge of finding the right environment for the person I capture. The most important thing for me is having a good time together and that you feel comfortable in front of my camera. I'm looking forward to show you my bests spots in Barcelona and make some beautiful images.

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I was born in San Diego, California and arrived in Barcelona 5 years ago. I have been a portrait photographer for 15 years and my inspiration comes from Renaissance and PreRaphaelite painters. Because I love art from the past so much, Barcelona became a perfect place for me with its ancient architecture and beautiful light. When I take a photo, I hope to make something with the quality of a painting, not just a photo, and I hope to share that quality with you that quality plus and show you some of my favorite, less known corners of Barcelona for a unique experience I hope you will really love!

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I started traveling when I was still in high school. I was raised by a great adventurer who taught me the importance of being curious and seeing everything I could of this beautiful world. Along the way I saw so many things I wanted to share and I quickly realized that the best way of doing so was through photography. Today I am a Barcelona based professional photographer. I mostly work in fashion and commercial projects but lifestyle photography is my happiness. After I finished my degree I decided to stay in Barcelona. I’ve been living and in love with this colorful city for 8 years already and I’m sure you will be too!

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Hi there! I’m Camilo, a Colombian photographer currently calling Barcelona my home. I came here for my Master’s degree in photography and after experiencing this amazing city I decided to stay. As a seasoned traveler myself, I know that good photograph can make all the difference, it can make the memory! I certainly would have loved to have a pro around to take nice photo with me in it for a change. As a photographer, I’m always searching for the best spots and unique, interesting places . Let me show you my Barcelona!

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I'm a Mexican-Spanish photographer based in Barcelona. Food, beach and sunset lover. I've been a professional photographer for 18 years, and I love portrait photography. Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world, come and enjoy having a walk with me while I take some awesome photos of you in the most beautiful spots this city can offer. I'll be thrilled to have you in town!

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I’m Cecy Mota, an experienced family & events photographer. What I love about my job is creating unique photographs for each story and each family, couple or group of friends. To be honest, I'm always glad sharing those special moments and feeling like I'm part of the family.

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Cristina is from Barcelona, a mediterranean person in love of her town and she can show you amazing places out of the touristic views: small squares, quiet streets and amazing and romantic gardens just in downtown.
She is wedding photographer and all kind of photography that shows love and happy moments, to be surrounded all the day with happy persons in happy moments makes her better person.

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I was born in a small town in the south of Italy, that is Sicily. I grew up and studied there until I was 19, then I moved to Milan, where I studied and graduated in Languages at the University, and along the way I discovered my love for photography, so I moved again, this time to Turin, where I attended a Master Degree in Photography.
I always loved traveling, actually I lived for few years around Central America where I worked as photographer, shooting happy people on vacation. Now I am living in Barcelona since almost two years, and I am working as freelance photographer. I am in love with the city and with my job and will be pleased to make your special moments stay alive forever.

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Hi, I'm Julia. I'm originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, now living between Venice and Barcelona. I like to express emotions in my pictures. I try to combine the traditional approach with creative photojournalism, not forgetting portraits. The most important thing in photojournalistic lifestyle photography is to capture the moment, to feel the emotions of people and to express them. Sometimes I direct people, but sometimes they direct my camera and me.

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Aloha! I am Olly - a spirit of adventure! As I travel, I gaze at the environment through my camera lens, and take photos of the world  visible only to me. A good photo - is when a captured image embodies the vibe of a certain moment in time, and when you look at it, you get goose bumps. As far as I can remember, photography - was my affection at all times. I grew up in Lithuania, in a Russian family, that’s how I’m a native speaker of Russian & Lithuanian languages. In 2014, I moved to Spain and fell in love with its nature, architecture and overall beauty, which I would be happy to share with you.

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Hello! I’m a portrait and lifestyle photographer living in Barcelona.

I am a 25 years old photographer and traveler born in Spain in an Italian family. I have been shooting for most of my life, professionally for about 6 years. I was a student before that! I love to capture peoples happy memories whilst they visit my beautiful city. I know all the spots; secret or famous, romantic or urban - and all things in between.  That's up to you to decide! See you soon! 

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Hola! I’m Santiago, a profesional documentarist, constant traveler and fashion photographer from Colombia, now living in Barcelona. Have been taking photos professionally since 2006. Street photography is my meditation, and a useful way of knowing hidden places and discovering the better spots in every city I visit. I’d love to show you Barcelona and leave to you the being-inside-a-movie feeling.

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I’m an Italian photographer, I fell in love with Barcelona when I was 14. Since that day I came every year until I finally moved here. I began as food photographer, but soon I broaden my fields with weddings and portraits.
My passion for traveling bring me to street photography, because is a different way to put subjects into the architecture prospective. I love worm lights of early morning and sunset, especially contrasts that Barcelona offers. 
Even knowing deeply the most touristic Barcelona, I would love to show you the most suggestive glimpses, and create your travel experience by images.

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I’m Serena, italian photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. My roots are in a little town near Lake Maggiore, surrounded by the mountains of Northern Italy. I moved to Barcelona to follow a love and a dream. I love to create authentic images full of emotions with a creative touch. My priority is to make sure that you feel comfortable and are enjoying your time. I’d like to get to know you and capture who you are. Let’s connect and create great memories together!

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Hola, I’m Svenja: German, artificial Intelligence student and an absolute foodie! When I was two, I took my first picture with a disposable camera in the Dominican Republic. More than 20 years and 35 countries later, I still love to see the world through a viewfinder. In 2013, I started a travel blog to share my memories and secret discoveries with others. My focus has always been on capturing stories and emotions to make people feel what I felt.

Let’s have a nice time together! I will be happy to show you my favourite places in this magical city and capture your exploration. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible so we can have a lot of fun creating memories.

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I grew up in Murmansk, north of Russia, where there is no sun during winter days, and no darkness during summer nights. I am a freelance Barcelona based photographer specializing in emotional and publicity portrait, and travel and reportage photography. My objective is to create meaningful photographs, and help people in the process of learning photography skills, especially the ability of seeing beyond the obvious. 

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