I'm a Mexican-Spanish photographer based in Barcelona. Food, beach and sunset lover. I've been a professional photographer for 18 years, and I love portrait photography. Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world, come and enjoy having a walk with me while I take you some awesome photos in the most beautiful spots this city can offer. I'll be thrilled to have you in town!

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I’m Julian, a German in his mid-20s living and discovering the beautiful city of Barcelona. After graduating my Bachelor of Arts in Photography earlier this year, I immediately moved into the pounding heart of the Catalan capital. I’ve been into photography for almost a decade, shooting anything from weddings, architecture, documentaries to portraits of some of the biggest names in today’s music industry. I love to get to know new people and look forward to share some time around the city

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I grew up in Murmansk, north of Russia, where there is no sun during winter days, and no darkness during summer nights. I am a freelance Barcelona based photographer specializing in emotional and publicity portrait, and travel and reportage photography. My objective is to create meaningful photographs, and help people in the process of learning photography skills, especially the ability of seeing beyond the obvious. 

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