A Stroll Through Berlin

Life should be a celebration, and celebrating has no expiration date! One cool way to celebrate life in any city is by strolling through its history. Each area of a city is almost a time stamp of different eras. Debbie and her husband decided to celebrate & forever mark their stroll by packing a photographer!

Landing in Berlin, Debbie and her husband enlisted the help of Shoot My Travel and were matched with local photographer Graz. In their expedition around Berlin they visited a lot of interesting places.

They got double the exposure in snapshots from a street side photo booth, were inspired by some colorful wall art and took a stroll through history in the Holocaust Memorial

Now, what do all of these places have in common? Besides being in Berlin, they provided the perfect backdrop for this couple to not only reminisce of they’re years together, but look forward to the many more.  Remember it’s never too late to pack a photographer, checked or carry-on, and go on an adventure! 

Captured by Shoot My Travel photographer, Graz, in Berlin, Germany.