The Epitome of Young Love in Venice.

Picture this: sitting on a gondola next to the most important person in your life, all the while being serenated by your gondolier as he takes you around the worlds most enchanting sinking city. Well, that is exactly what Christopher and Tabitha did!

With the help of Shoot My Travel, and local photographer Grace acting as their gatekeeper Christopher & Tabitha got to experience Venice’s romanticism ten fold; along with the millions of other tourists who land in Venice each year.

The couple was than shuttled around Venice; with Christopher in a suit and Tabitha in a plunging, flowing red gown they were the epitome of young love. The type of love that encompasses Venice which Grace was able to capture beautifully with every click on of her camera.

Despite Venice’s reputation as a sinking city there is no need to fret because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but to experience its true beauty all one needs to do is take the plunge sooner rather than later.  

Captured by Shoot My Travel photographer, Grace, in Venice, Italy.