Snow or Sand?

Ever considered going somewhere warm for the holidays? Not to say that building snowmen, and drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace isn’t idyllic but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up. So, why not make a trade this holiday season for some palm trees and white sandy beaches with a Shoot My Travel gift card.

Lan Phuong Tran, and her friend heard the call of Central America, and were off to Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to Shoot My Travel, and local photographer, Ana Carolina, it was fun in the sun for these two. They went all over Rio, and got to enjoy all the warmth this coastal city has to offer.

Obviously the most important part of the holidays is spending time together as a family. For many of us our friends are our families so why not celebrate friendship this holiday season. With one of our gift cards you could celebrate “Friendsmas,” by either sending a friend on a trip or better yet join them just like Lan Phuong did!

So, here a 3 ways you can shake things up this holiday season: a Shoot My Travel gift card, going somewhere warm and having a Friendsmas. Also, you can't forget that New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! 

Captured by Shoot My Travel photographer, Ana Carolina, in Rio.