Bring Out Your Paintbrushes

Bring out your paintbrushes, and get ready for a color explosion that will leave you reeling! It’s all about Miami this week, from the Wynwood Walls to the phenomena that is Art Basel. Maria and Ralph, our traveler’s of the week, got a feast for the eyes and saw what gives Miami its unmistakable individuality.

Maria and Ralph got a special treat, as Shoot My Travel’s co-founder Valerie Lopez was their photographer a.k.a. eyes on the ground. With a combination of Wynwood’s wild murals to the serene seaside view from a stroll along the pier this couple got an all-encompassing tour of Miami.

To keep this colorful exploration of Miami going it’s impossible to not mention Art Basel, which is hitting our shores this weekend. Taking over Miami there are a vast array of art shows, films and live performances that cater to the bohemian in all of us.


Captured by Shoot My Travel photographer, Valerie, in Miami.