Traveling as a family to Seville

Traveling together as a family, no matter how old your children are, is sometimes the best kind of quality time you can spend with them. Travel gives families uninterrupted time to be with one another, far far away from home and their daily routines. However, the thing about family photos while traveling, is that you usually end up having one parent in the photo, and the other parent taking it. You may have a stranger take the photo, and yet it still won’t capture what you want it to capture: you and your family in your natural element, not posing, not forcing a moment, just enjoying each other. Capturing these moments together while you’re on an adventure is actually the greatest gift you can bring back with you: second to your memory and only if memory serves you well.

Our travelers of the week, Leila and Ramin decided to take their one year old daughter, Darya, to Spain. It was her first time to Europe, and their first time visiting the historic, quaint, charming city of Seville. Their Shootmytravel photographer did more than take photographs of them, she took them on a mini walking tour throughout the city and gave them a history lesson on different religious influences in Seville, advice on the best place to have a beer with the locals, and took them to where lovers go to share a kiss (the jewish quarter kissing balconies where the street is really narrow and the balconies are so close that they appear to be kissing one another.)

Next time you’re traveling as a family, consider packing a photographer who can capture those moments for you. As stated by Leila “ As a mama, I know that we are rarely in the picture! We are usually taking them of our babes, and we forget to be in them, too. Well when she grows up, and looks back on these memories, since the photos will be all that she will have from these experiences, I definitely want to be in them. Mama’s, you know what I am talking about! Not only that, but our photographer felt like a friend who was simply hanging out with us, and taking photos naturally and quite effortlessly. It felt very comfortable and almost one year has passed, and we still have those photo’s up and they are beyond a shadow of a doubt, our favorite pictures of us as a family to date."

 📸 Captured by Shoot My Travel photographer, Gabriel, in Seville, Spain.