Love is Love

Love is Love. It knows no bounds, no judgements, and no limiting beliefs. It is inclusive, and welcomes everyone through its front door. Therefore, everyone should be free to show their love, to feel free in it, and to express it fully. Here at Shoot My Travel, we are thrilled anytime we get to be present in the expression of love between couples and families. We are, however, especially excited today to feature our first gay couple to have partaken in a surprise proposal!

Zak and Kevin traveled together to Japan’s bustling, but beautiful capital, Tokyo. Tokyo, though known for it’s city appeal, is also home to a lush oasis, Rikugien Park. Rikugien is a metropolitan park in Bunkyō-ku. This park is often known as Tokyo’s most beautiful Japanese landscape garden. And that’s where Kevin took Zak for the surprise proposal.  

Their surroundings could not have been more idyllic. Within the garden, through open lawns and forests, a love story grew with a promise of forever. Togetsukyo Bridge is where Zak said “yes” to Kevin, and just like the stream pictured by the bridge, we wish them an eternal love with no end.


Congratulations, Zak and Kevin!


 📸 Captured by Shoot My Travel photographer, San, in Tokyo, Japan.