Introducing Behind the Lens!

As photograpahers and artists, we dreamt of building a company that would empower others (just like us) and would generate hundreds of jobs worldwide. We are thrilled to say we have succeeded in our mission! But it wouldn’t have been possible without the talented family of photographers that join us in this dream. Our photographers are the heartbeat behind what we do and what better way to honor that, than to share their story with you! 

Meet our talented photographer Tiffany based in London, UK. She loves traveling, exploring, and mostly collecting experiences in what she calls “the digital box of crystallized memories.”

Photographer Tiffany in London, UK

Photographer Tiffany in London, UK

What do you love about London

I think that it always important to challenge yourself as a photographer, try new things and get out of your comfort zone as much as possible. London is the perfect place for that, it’s a city full of possibilities and amazing places to explore! It’s is one of those cities a traveler can visit again and again and feel every time surprised!

How has been your experience as a Shoot My Travel Photographer? 

Absolutely! It’s a great experience. Taking in all these people from different horizons always gives me a jolt of enthusiasm and a thrill of eagerness that remind me why I am there and why I do this. It's about my life passion at its best and liveliest: meeting people, exploring and collecting experiences in my camera. 

What are your top 3 photography tips? 

First of all it is important to enjoy what you’re shooting, then build a relationship with the subject and finally, look for emotions.

Top 3 picture perfect spots in London?

1. Big Ben
A beautiful iconic structure that to many people represent London. Photos of these place are recognized worldwide, and for good reason, this place is awesome! I love when I get off the tube, come up the stairs, and WOW! There's Big Ben staring at me (and on the opposite side of the river: the London Eye!) Such an amazing place. 

2. The Millenium Bridge
It’s a pedestrian-only bridge and it crosses the River Thames sort of half-way between the Tower Bridge and the Westminster Bridge (down by Big Ben). It also gives a direct shot at St. Paul's Cathedral, so it makes it easy to hit all these great spots when exploring.

3. Shoreditch ( + brick lane)
These area are perfect for urban photography. The graffiti and street art of East London provides the perfect backdrop for great London street photography. It's another area like Camden, full of characters and which really stands out from the surrounding areas. Perfect for every kind of shoot.

How did you shoot the smoke bomb?

First I had to find an open outdoors space, away from anything that is overly dry and susceptible to catching fire. We used them well away from the general public and I used colored smoke bombs so people didn’t think it was smoke from a fire! 
Then I just let the magic happened... And what I loved about this shoot in particular was the way that the smoke hung in the air for minutes after the grenade had spluttered out, and that added a very specific quality to the photographs.