A Family Affair in Hong Kong

Known for its glittering skyline, Hong Kong, is the essence of modern amenity. Whether it’s the half-mile escalator or the Tian Tan Buddha, a.k.a. the Big Buddha that peaks your interest Hong Kong has something for everyone to marvel at. For our traveler of the week Kevin King it was the perfect spot for a family vacation!

Along for the ride was Kevin, his partner and his family. “I wanted to do something that would really WOW his family,” Kevin said. Seeing as this was Kevin’s first time traveling with his partner’s family he felt a Shoot My Travel experience was only appropriate, and it’s safe to say that it did the trick!

With Wylie, their Shoot My Travel photographer, helping navigate this group was off. “Our photographer got some really natural candid shots of our group…she made the whole experience really fun and relaxing,” Kevin said.

Between hanging out with the Big Buddha or chowing down on some durian, which according to this group is a must-try, Kevin and his family had the time of their lives. Do you want to have the time of your life like they did? Of course you do so get online or better yet on our app and pack a photographer. Take Kevin’s word for it “It’s an experience you’ll never forget.” 

Captured By Shoot My Travel photographer, Wylie, in Hong Kong.