2 Cities, 1 Experience

Talk about getting the most out of one experience. It was a tale of two cities forDiyanah and her husband during their honeymoon. Rather than staying in one place, and enjoying it to the fullest they set their sights on Tokyo and Seoul. With Shoot My Travel right there to document every second of it.

Only a 2-hour plane ride away from each other, these cities have so much to offer any world traveler. From Tokyo’s sprawling city streets and modern esthetic to Seoul’s more tranquil vibe, while still being a modern marvel in its own right! Each has a strong sense of culture. Whether it’s the food, fashion or history Tokyo or Seoul has plenty of it to go around.

Our couple took full advantage of everything these cities have to offer with Shoot My Travel photographer, San, in Tokyo and Musa in Seoul. “I booked 2 different photographers that are awesome, not only are they able to shoot beautiful photos but also recommend us places to visit,” Diyanah said. “They took us for the shoot and even gave us a little tour!”

For these traveling lovebirds, one city just wasn't enough and kept going for more. They got in two astounding cities with beauty and life at every corner. Not a bad way to spend a honeymoon, but what's better is that they get to take their traveling saga home with them. A traveling saga that I'm sure wont' end here! 

Captured by Shoot My Traveler photographers, San, in Tokyo and Musa in Seoul.