Why we highlight the passion and art of photography


We believe that moments documented by photographs can make you feel. Even if just for a second, one image can evoke feelings powerful enough to make you daydream and step into a still-reality. Photographs have redefined the way we view art, and now with the rise of digital, photos can capture the relishes of human experience in more candid ways than ever. This evolvement on the makeup of photography has been primarily driven by the rise of technology. Photographs are no longer just shots, they can be edited and transformed to capture different artistic objectives. It is unfortunate, however, to see now people undervalue the importance of photography in our lives due to its accessibility.

Personally, the idea of being able to document everything around us, is a direct act of creating and recording personal and social history. This is what has always drawn me to photography, and what inspired me to become one at the age of 15.  When we see an image, it automatically opens a door in our brain (and collective social brain) of a specific memory. It makes us remember and relive that moment, smell, place, feeling. Shoot My Travel was created, and continues to be driven, by our love and appreciation for the art of photography.

Through our business, and respective platforms, we have the opportunity to embrace not only photography, but all of the stories and photographers that embody who we are. For travelers, we hope to be their trusted platform. One that allows them to enjoy their experience, and focus on taking in their surroundings - we handle the rest! For our photographers, we understand it’s not easy choosing this path. We want to make it easier. With our efforts, we hope to continue to fuel the option and opportunity to pursue your dreams, especially in places where photography is not valued or underpaid.

"we have the opportunity to embrace not only photography, but all of the stories and photographers that embody who we are

Ultimately, our goal is to keep capturing the unique history that lives in all of our micro moments. I believe that it is the expression of arts like photography that makes us more, well, human. Like mentioned on our previous article, we believe stories are the essence and root of photography - in conjunction, we believe in the passion and art as the compass. So whether you’re a traveler looking to tell your story through an impactful photograph, or a photographer looking to have your art lens reach the right audiences, we hope you consider us as your next choice!

Camilo <aka CR_eate>