#Momslens On Realizing What Really Matters


Thank you for sticking to blog numero cuatro of our #momlens series!
Through this series we’ve been highlighting the perspective of what it means to be mom and how it has shaped their lives (& their traveling) .
Also, if you’re a mom planning an upcoming trip, what better way to learn about the tips-n-tricks of traveling with your little ones?  So, if you’ve missed our previous stories, make sure to check them out.

Mother’s day is officially T-2 days away. With the date so near, so is the nostalgia attached to this holiday. Moms have shaped and supported us, always, but the way we’ve needed them has remarkably changed as we’ve gotten older (though we can all be guilty of the occasional “I want my mom” moment). Mother’s day helps remind us that though years have passed, moms role in our lives remains constant. At Shoot My Travel, we believe that  that being able to capture moments through photographs also help remind us of valuable memories. So as this day approaches, make sure you pamper away the incredible women in your life (and hey - maybe give the gift of memories by booking a Shoot My Travel session?)

For this feature of #momslens we’ll be sharing the story of Rachael Lockhart, and her latest trip to Madrid with her little boy! Check out her answers below.

Was there a special occasion for your Shoot My Travel Photoshoot in Madrid?

Yes, we traveled because it was my son’s first birthday and wanted to capture through photographs.

Do you think being a mom has given you a different #lens? How?

Yes! I know it may sound cliche, but being a mother makes you realize what is really important in life. Whenever I look at my son, I can’t help but smile, not just on my face, but in my heart as well. As he grows before my eyes, it makes me realize I have to savour these moments, because they will be my last. He is growing and getting bigger every second. He just turned 1, it’s crazy a year has gone by already.

When did you know you wanted to be a mom?

Hmm I don’t think there was a specific moment, I would say it was a progression.

We noticed you traveled with your son! what was the best part of traveling with him? Tell us a story!

The best part of travelling with my son, is seeing how happy he gets when he gets to a new place. We (my husband and I) can tell, because he becomes excited. He wants to run around and touch everything (which is a bit stressful at times…lol). Before the age of 1, he has been to Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Copenhagen, London, Italy (Rome & Venice), and Canada (our home). He is an explorer. He is also a charmer! He loves meeting new people, and people like meeting him as well. Everywhere we go, we have at least 2-3 people stop us.