7 Hacks To Take Europe By Storm This Summer


Pack your bags, travelers, it’s summertime! Whether your kids are out of school, your office has Fridays off, or you’ve saved up your vacation days, summer is the perfect time for a getaway. As romantic as the photos of Paris covered in snow look, a picnic on the Champ de Mars just isn’t possible when the ground itself serves as a cooler for your brie and Chardonnay. Summer is especially a great time to cross the pond and explore the ancient cities of Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic - the list goes on.

So, preparing to bring everything you will need (not want) is definitely key to having a successful trip. From wardrobe to toiletries, we know you have to play favorites for what makes the cut into your luggage.

For the most part, we know packing depends on the country you’re visiting, but we want to share seven of our standard packing hacks to follow across Europe.


Wardrobe is probably the hardest part, but it doesn’t need to be stressful.

1. First things first: Europeans. Do. Not. Wear. Shorts. If there’s one thing that should be at the top of your packing list, it’s jeans!

2. Check the forecast for the week(s) of your trip. It can’t hurt to check the weather from the previous weeks either. Maybe the season has been rainier or hotter than usual.

3. Pack a cardigan or cover up! Many historic places around Europe (i.e. Cathedrals and places of worship) have strict dress codes and you don’t want to miss out on seeing the Florence Cathedral and Duomo. 

Comfortable shoes is the way. It’s a summer vacation, so wherever you choose to land, chances are you’re going to be doing a LOT of walking (remember, narrow, cobblestone streets also aren’t the easiest to navigate in heels).

4. Pack light sneakers built for walking or Birkenstocks or sandals.

Don’t cause a power outage.  Remember European countries have different voltages and you’ll need to charge all of your devices.

5. Pack an adapter for your charger. You can easily find some at your local Target for an all in one travel adapter, or browse through other options (P.S. if you’re a last minute shopper, it may be better to use Amazon Prime).

Jot down your favorite memories at the end of the day or on the train from Florence to Rome in a travel journal!

6. Get a designed portable travel journal, or you can buy a small notebook and create a DIY travel journal and pack it in your carry-on!

Most importantly, get your IG worthy picture and pack a photographer with Shoot My Travel!

7. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful backdrops, so why not book yourself a photo tour and capture your summer trip the right way.