Travel Eats: Beijing


Traveling is a whole rounded kind-of experience. Not only do you get to see new landscapes and experience new cultures, but you also get to give your palate a unique taste by trying new local dishes.

Each country is unique in its own right, but no one would argue that some countries are significantly more different than others. This would also make trying their dishes a little intimidating (especially if you can barely pronounce the name of it). I mean have you ever just looked at a menu and had no idea what you're looking at? Ordering lunch could turn into a complicated life-death kind-of decision, and you might be tempted to find the closest Mcdonald’s (yea, we know desperate times call for desperate measures). Though we recognize that in some cases Mcdonald’s technically might not be the worst you can do, we still feel that your trip needs to be about breaking the routine—traveling is so much more rewarding when you’re outside of your comfort zone.

That's why we thought to start Travel Eats blog series, one where our local photographers give you a quick low down on their native food, what typical dishes are, where to eat, and anything else that might come in handy to unlocking a local taste-bud. 

Check out what our Shoot My Travel photographer Christina has to say about her favorite Beijing dishes!


Zheng Jiao: Morning Dumpling normally pork

Youtiao: Like Doughnut

Dou Jiang: warm soy milk eaten with Youtiao

Dou Fu Nao: Toufu Soup

Xiao Mi Zhou: Milet Soup Vegetarian

Ji Dan Tang: Seaweed, Cilantro, Egg

Jian Bing: I say its like Chinese Burrito Meat and Vegetarian Option
Zha Jiang Mian: Pork cold, noodles, cumber

Ge Da Tang: Egg, Tomato, Noodle

Liang Pi: Cold Spicy Noodle

Lu Rou Huo Shao: Donkey Meat Burger

Guo You Rou Chao Mian: Fried Noodles with Meat or Egg

Mao Po Tofu: Spicy Tofu with Meat


Bei Jing Kao Ya: Peking Duck

Boiled Jiaozi: Meat & Vegetarian Options

Fried Jiaozi: Meat & Vegetarian Options

Kao yu: Different Flavors

Huo Guo: Hot Pot -you cook the meat & Vegetables

Qian Ye Dou Fu: Tofu, Peppers, Onions

Tang Hu Lu: Candied fruit on stick

Zhen Zhu Nai Cha: Milk Tea with Tapioca

Chou Dou Fu: Fried Tofu garlic and spices

My personal recommendations for traditional Chinese restaurants:

  • Hai Di Lao (Hot Pot)

  • Gung Ho Pizza (Infused with Chinese Flavors)

  • White Tiger Village

  • Liangpi Xiansheng

  • Su Husupin (vegetarian)

  • Bianyifang (便宜坊烤鸭店) Peking Duck

Looking to unlock the full food palate? 

  • Book a Food Tour: Lost Plate Food Tours Food Tours of the City (Instagram: lostplatefoodtours) or
  • Book a Cooking Class: The Hutong Group classes on how to make traditional Chinese Food (Instagram: thehutong)

Travel Food For Thought:

When Going to Pearl Market or Silk Market you need to barter. Ex) If they say 500 rmb you should say 250 rmb. They will charge more if you don’t do this and pay to much money for items.