Behind the Lens with Hideki

Photo by: Shoot My Travel Photographer Hideki in Tokyo

Photo by: Shoot My Travel Photographer Hideki in Tokyo


It’s safe to say that we are beyond lucky to have such passionate and hardworking team members as part of our international family. Our Behind The Lens series is back yet again and this time we want to bring someone new to the table.

This week we’ll be taking a look through the lens of one of our beloved Tokyo photographers.

The one and only Hideki has a story to tell and we want to share it with you!

Shoot My Travel Photographer, Dexy in Tokyo

Shoot My Travel Photographer, Dexy in Tokyo

Today our lens is focusing on Hideki (also known as Dexy),
part of the Shoot My Travel team based in Tokyo.


Have you always lived in Tokyo?

I have not always lived in Tokyo. I am what some friends call a country hopper if you will. I have lived in Samoa, Kenya, India, The Philippines, and now have settled down in Tokyo (temporarily)

What do you love about it? 

The most unique part of Tokyo is how drastic a scenery can change after a 15 to 20 minute train ride. This means a quick change in food, style, and culture that is very accessible on a daily basis.

What unlocked your passion for photography?

I would say my constant change in surroundings and new relationships, has helped me pick up a camera to start capturing memories and moments for a lifetime.


Top 3 picture perfect spots in Tokyo?

1. Takachikawa Park: A 20 minute train ride from central Tokyo is where you can find one of the largest selection of flowers that change bloom to the season (Tulips, Sakura, Sunflowers the list goes on). And if ever you are bored of walking around the park, there is always the option of renting your own boats that seats two comfortably. Perfect for proposals or a romantic boat ride during a sunset.

2. Kawagoe: A 30 minute train ride away from Shinjuku, and you will find yourself in Edo Japan. The food, people, and culture will make a city boy feel out of place, so kimono up and bring your camera!

3. Shinjuku Golden Gai: Drop down in the metropolitan area of Tokyo you can find fields of Sakura in the spring, followed by neon lights to brighten up the city all year round.

Do you have any photography tips?

Capture everything! There is no such thing as a bad shot as long as there is a story behind it worth telling.

How has your experience been as a SMT photographer?

The team is EXCELLENT! I would say as a startup they are constantly trying to provide the best experience not just to their travelers but also the photographers. Without the teams professional support content creation would be a stressful process.