Behind the Lens with Gözde

Photo by: Shoot My Travel Photographer  Gözde  in Amsterdam

Photo by: Shoot My Travel Photographer Gözde in Amsterdam


It happens that for some, picking a life path is easy. It’s a simple choice, it makes sense, and they seem to know from the start that it’s what fills them up with light and purpose. On the other hand, for others it’s a convoluted route, winding up and down different alleyways and backroads. Whichever you may be, each journey is unique and special to your circumstances, but what doesn’t change is the ability to make a choice. You know what’s right for you. For our beloved Gözde, the road to photography was a (literal) gift that kept on giving.

Shoot My Travel Photographer, Gözde in Amsterdam

Shoot My Travel Photographer, Gözde in Amsterdam

Our Behind the Lens series is back yet again and today, our lens is focusing on Gözde,
part of the Shoot My Travel team based in Amsterdam.


Born in Istanbul, Gözde has lived most of her life at the crossroads of two continents. Did you know that Turkey is located on 95% Asian and 5% European land? The clash of cultures in the capital is so unique you’d have to experience it firsthand to know how special it really is.
After studying in Milan and traveling around for some time, she completely fell in love with Amsterdam. It’s home to a unique small village charm combined with a classy cosmopolitan vibe. Amsterdam, the flourishing European capital, stole Gözde’s heart for good, and she’s been living there ever since.

What brought about your passion for photography?
My photography journey started with my dad’s old camera which he gave me as a gift during my high school years. I always liked documenting what was around me. But the day that I started taking portraits, and saw how I was touching people’s lives through my perspective, that was the moment that unlocked my passion for it and I decided to work on portrait photography full time.


Top 3 picture perfect spots in Amsterdam?
1. Jordaan District:
It is one of everyone’s favorites! Strolling through old and live Amsterdam streets with gorgeous bridges and colorful details, is inevitable.
2. NDSM Wharf: Worked as a shipyard until 1979 but today it is a creative hub with industrial architecture and colorful graffiti. So if you are looking for an escape from the classic touristy environment of Amsterdam, it is a must.
3. Spui: A central point to start my photo tour. Lots to see, taste and capture around this area. The oldest wooden house in Amsterdam, the most delicious cookie of the city, and the flower market is nearby!

How would you describe your photo tour journey?
While I have fixed routes for photo tours, I make sure to customize them each time according to my client’s interests and wishes as they are all unique and special. After all, travel photography is not only about the photos created but also the experience.

How has your experience been as a Shoot My Travel photographer?
From the first day, it was a pleasure to work as an SMT photographer as I got to meet so many beautiful people from all around the world and contribute to their adventure. And of course, working with caring colleagues who have a positive attitude all the time is really valuable.

Having the privilege of providing photography services and connections to travelers and photographers all around the world is what keeps us going. Each destination offers its own unique essence, as do the people behind the lens. Every unforgettable experience works to highlight the true beauty of good photography, and how worthwhile it really is to capture those moments worth looking back at for many years to come. There really is no better souvenir.