Behind the Scenes: Amsterdam Photographer Meetup


Welcome to this special edition blog series! Join our founders as they meet with Shoot My Travel photographers in Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, and Paris. Create meaningful personal connections, share our love for photography and continue growing as a collective. 

Let's start in Amsterdam!

We met with our photographers - Alexandra, Gözde, and Jan- at Cafe Thijssen, a small cafe, conveniently located in the center of the city. After our intros, we exchanged Shoot My Travel gifts and discussed real user experiences and viable solutions rooted in our core values to improve our photography standards and product over time.


It was a true joy to meet the photographers who contribute to make Shoot My Travel a reality and see their enthusiasm, love, and excitement to the brand’s mission. As founders, we felt absolute gratitude for the opportunities we've created this far.


After we warmed up with a cup of coffee, we went out to explore the city. It was cold and rainy, but that didn't deter our eagerness to learn more about Amsterdam from their local perspective. We walked around the canals, stopped in every corner that had blooming tulips to take pictures, and even considered going for a bike ride until the rain started pouring once again.

We ended up huddling together under a small roof, waiting for the rain to pass by. Minutes later, the sky cleared and we dashed to Winkle 43 to treat ourselves to 'Amsterdam's most renowned apple pie' with homemade whipped cream and mint tea. You haven’t had an apple pie until you've had it at Winkle! 

We savored every bite, played with double exposure polaroids, and said our goodbyes. 

We left with our hearts full, knowing we were on the right path to building the world’s strongest photography community. Thank you, Alexandra, Gözde, and Jan for the guided photo experience and for building this dream with us!

Next in this series: join us in Madrid as we eat churros and eat hot cholocate.