Behind the Scenes: Lisbon Photographer Meetup


Welcome to this special edition blog series! Join our founders as they meet with Shoot My Travel photographers in Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, and Paris. Create meaningful personal connections, share our love for photography, and continue growing as a collective.

Let's continue with Lisbon!

Lisbon is an enchanting city with cinematic hillsides, cobbled alleyways, and picturesque mosaic buildings. The lighting in this city is a dream for any photographer. Not only is Lisbon sunny year-round, but the light travels in the most extraordinary way; illuminating its narrow streets, highlighting the colors of the mosaics and creating the perfect play between lights/shadows for any portrait. 


After a long day of meetings, we meet Jose and Mariana, our first photographers to join our team in Lisbon.

Our encounter was at a small Italian restaurant near Parque Das Nacoes, where we had a glass of wine and a good conversation.

Both Jose and Mariana had valuable ideas on how we can make the service more attractive in the city and increase our user base.


We shared our life stories, struggles, happy moments and parted ways, excited to get back to work and get back to work!

Our next destination, the city of lights, Paris!