FIFA World Cup, An Infectious Love For Football


No one can argue that summer is time for travel - it not only marks as the beginning of flowers blooming and the sun shining, but this year the FIFA World Cup is happening this June in Russia. 

There are always special events happening all around the world, and many of them are memorable, but for any World Cup fans reading this, you know this makes it at the top of the bucket list! (who wouldn’t have  loved to have seen Shakira dance in South Africa in 2014?)

If you’re not a soccer fan, you’re probably wondering what it is about sweaty guys running behind a ball, that makes for such a unique experience? So much that it brings people to travel all over the world for. The truth is, this event might hold the same (or greater, depending on who you ask) excitement as something like the Olympics. There is an undeniably fueled passion for football (“soccer” for my US readers) which has shaped and fused cultures. I mean did you know it is the biggest and most-watched sports event in the world?

Though many of us might not understand why, you can’t deny the infectious love for teams, and the game - Here in Miami, the anticipation is just as tangible as the summer humidity!

Through this post, we want to share with you why we think the upcoming FIFA 2018 World Cup matters - and maybe even give you an excuse for an unexpected trip to Russia this June!

1. You can understand it
Why does this specific event gain a traction audience of 30+ billion worldwide viewers? No one can argue sports such as baseball, American football, and rugby, are iconic - but for those not too ingrained into the sport, it might be complicated to follow. Soccer makes for a simple following, know the ball must land inside the net.

2. It’s a “glocal” sport
During this upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia, those watching will get to see 32 countries and their best players in one place. Though this occurrence only happens every four years, there is a constant day-to-day sport following at the local countries. In a way, soccer is an ultimate expression for respective cultures!

3. History in the making
We’ve all seen the pictures of face painting, arms waving crowds cheering for their teams. The world cup is the event where new players take the stardom and in some cases, make history for their country. During this time, there is only the players and teams, countries forget their differences and show respect for one another. I mean, talk about global synergy right?

The world cup brings people together, and if you’re as lucky/spontaneous to be in Russia next month - make sure you capture these moments by booking a Shoot My Travel photographer (you’ll want more than a selfie stick picture for it!)