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Jack Underwood (@huemankind)

Jack Underwood (@huemankind)


My apologies for being so informal, but Miami raised me.

My name is Jack Underwood and I’ve been a freelance photographer for the last two years. I’ve travelled all over the world on/off assignment and the one thing I’ve learned is that people are capable of some pretty amazing things. And the only evidence we can turn to in moments like this are photographs and the people that capture them. Having said that, photographers all over the world often receive little to no recognition for their efforts, which is why I’ve decided to partner up with Shoot My Travel. They are not only one of the best companies working to try to resolve this issue, but also to expand the life cycle of a working photographer.

Together, we are organizing the first ever Shoot My Travel Photowalk on August 10, 2019 from 4:30-7:00pm in the Design District. I’ve been to photowalks all over the world and it’s always the same: amazing people doing amazing things. Not only will this photowalk take you through Miami’s elite Design District, but it will also be home to the first ever Shoot My Travel Miami Photowalk by Shoot My Travel.

My advice: arrive early.

Not only will you learn about Shoot My Travel and how it got started, but you will get a chance to meet the founders, rub shoulders with some incredible guest influencers and learn about the exclusive giveaways to the Shoot My Travel Photowalk Contest.

Below you will find the details of the contest, a list of Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Photowalk, What to Bring and some Photography Tips that I’ve put together from my own experiences and leave it up to you to walk away with a memorable photowalk experience in Miami.

Captured by Shoot My Travel Photographer Tiffany in London

Captured by Shoot My Travel Photographer Tiffany in London

Top Reasons To Attend

Hang out with people that like the same thing you do!

Photography is great because it’s something you can do all by yourself (ie. landscape/nature photography), but it can also be a very lonely profession or hobby. Photowalks give you the opportunity to socially interact with people who share similar interests and possibly form new friendships along the way.

Opportunity to share cool photos with everyone

Unique outfits and extras such as LED lights, masks and smoke grenades always find their way to these events as a way to enhance your photowalk experience. So be on the lookout for a crowd of hovering photographers and get your shot in with the rest of them!

Meet people with all levels of photography experience

I strongly believe that the basis for learning something new is to eventually educate others on what you’ve learned, and in turn spread knowledge like wildfire. This is my second favorite part about photowalks. Not only can you learn a new technique and start applying it immediately, but you can also help others reach a new level in their photography that was never obvious to them before.

Great exercise & stress reliever

Step away from the bright screens and freon filled offices and enjoy a little sunshine. I found that taking your camera on your 15 minute breaks at work is a great way to not only get good content but to relieve some stress as well. Photowalks give you the freedom to massage your creative muscles, while also enjoying some pleasant conversations.

Meet an influencer

This is by far one of the many reasons I look forward to when going to a photowalk. Chances are, these influencers are constantly traveling so take advantage of what little free time they have and enjoy the moment. Ask questions, spread knowledge and make friends with some movers and shakers in your profession. Photowalks are a great hub for all sorts of creatives (not just in photography) from all over the world.

Captured by Jack Underwood featuring Cheyenne Salisbury

Captured by Jack Underwood featuring Cheyenne Salisbury

What To Bring

I’ve done enough photowalks and hung out with enough photographers to know that there are certain things you always need, but sometimes forget when you’re excited or in a hurry. Here are a few things to not only bring, but to keep in mind when embarking on a photowalk in Miami.


I cannot stress this enough… BRING WATER. You don’t want to be the person who stops the entire event because you passed out from heat exhaustion, which believe me, it happens more often than you think. Come prepared. Bring lots of water, or extra cash to buy some along the way. Also, pack an umbrella and a light jacket in case it rains!

Good pair of shoes

Normally, I would recommend a hiking boot of some sort. However, this is Miami we’re talking about so always plan for some sort of high-fashion style photoshoots. Check the weather app a couple days leading up to the event. Extra points if you’re style is featured on an influencer's photo.

Extra batteries and memory cards

This rule is at the top of every photographer’s list. Make sure all your batteries have a full charge and all your memory cards are packed and ready to go the night before. And if you shoot analog, make sure you have extra film and a new battery locked and loaded.

A reliable bag

Telling you which bag you should use is completely farfetched because everyone is different. I always recommend using a bag with comfortable straps, separators for all your gear, easy access to your camera taking the bag apart and a little extra space for a light jacket and water bottle. All weather bags are a plus!

Other people

This is not a PSA for just photographers. I’ve done photowalks by myself, walks with elite photographers and some with friends and family. Putting someone on to a new technique is extremely satisfying when you see it being applied, especially for a non-photographer. We all start somewhere, why not bring those you love along for the ride.

Business cards/ Update information across all profiles

This is an extra step. Make sure your website is up to date (and paid for), your instagram is looking clean and your linkedin has all the proper links and information. You never know who you’ll meet at some of these photowalks. Especially since these events offer excellent opportunities to socialize and network.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Photography Tips

Bring the Essentials

Every photographer’s worst fear is not having the right gear for the right job. When it comes to photowalks, shrinking your profile can not only greatly reduce the amount the strain you put on your body physically, but also the amount of labor it takes to capture a candid shot. Only bring what you need and leave everything else at home, meaning don’t bring your laptop or bigger telephoto lenses, because chances are you won’t have the time or proximity to use them.

Leave Your Camera On

The easiest way to feel awkward or miss a great shot is having to turn your camera on and wait for it to load before you click the shutter button. Do yourself a favor, bring extra batteries and leave your camera on.

Bracket Your Shots

This is a trick I learned from a photographer I met while attending a photowalk. If you bracket all of your shots, the chances of you capturing the correct exposure rises significantly. This may increase your import time, but it will greatly decrease the amount of post-processing you do once the walk is over. Just make sure you bring extra memory cards, especially if you decided to shoot in RAW.

Create A Certain Mood w/ Lighting

See #3!

No matter where the photowalk takes place, chances are there will be a good amount of lighting that can easily become a big part of your subject matter. Even at night, there are some interesting things with natural, as well as LED lights, that you can play with to enhance your experience.

Look For Symmetry & Other Things!

We may not have the high rises of New York or Hong Kong in Miami, but we definitely have some of the most interesting and progressive architectural structures, and the design district does not disappoint. Keep an eye out for interesting structures that create lines of symmetry both vertically and horizontally. Also, look out for puddles for some interesting reflections. Miami is no stranger to rainy weather in the month of August which makes it one of the best times of the year for puddle grams!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

As photographers, it is very easy to get caught up in the world of the viewfinder. Keep an eye out for traffic, pedestrians, wildlife (lol) and strange characters.

Don’t Be Shy and Have Fun

Don’t be afraid to ask a model, influencer, photographer, friend or someone you just met to pose for a shot. This is your opportunity to put your skills to the test, and at the very least improve on your style using the world around you. Always remember to keep an open mind and have fun! Photowalks are essential to a city because they bring people from all over the world with all sorts of beliefs together. So on August 10th, please go out and experience it firsthand!