#Momslens On Capturing Time Together


Whether it is a new foreign country visit, or a local road-trip to a new town, we love to hear all types of travel stories! In honor of mother’s day, we decided it was time we dedicated a whole feature to tell these stories from the #lens of a mom. Over the past four days, we’ve learned about some extraordinary women who not only love to travel, but they love to share new experiences with their little ones. With their stories, they’ve given us an inside look on what it means to be a mom, and a traveler!

With our #momslens series coming to an end, we hope you were able to connect with these stories, and maybe got you even more excited to be able to celebrate our super-women tomorrow! 

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For our last feature of #momslens we’re excited to share the story of Reshma Chulani Chugh. Check out her answers below!

Was there a special occasion for your Shoot My Travel Photoshoot?

Nothing in particular, we just wanted to take advantage of being in Seoul in the spring. I was also 5 months pregnant at that time and I thought it would be nice to document this time of our lives.

Do you think being a mom has given you a different lens or perspective? How?

Absolutely! He comes first now and it's always his best interest and happiness that we as parents think of.

When did you know you wanted to be a mom?

I didn't, it just happened! haha

We noticed you traveled with your kid! What was the best part of traveling with them? Tell us a story!

Oh we travel with our son quite a bit. It's so nice for them to experience seeing the world.  We went to Paris when he was three and he still talks about it. He says he wants to live there one day and eat the best croissants!

What was it like traveling as a mom-to-be?

Both my pregnancy's have been pretty easy and we always have traveled during this time. It's great, it's such a nice break from our busy lives in Hong Kong.