“My Favorite Souvenir From My Trip”

We are thrilled to share this week’s traveler, Martha Sachser, a brazil photographer and travel blogger of NY & About. Martha shared her Shoot My Travel experience with us in our #1 destination: Kyoto, Japan. Enjoy!

" I just came back from paradise – also known as Japan- where I spent almost amazing 15 days living, breathing and loving the culture,  literally feeling like a local! More than buying cool stuff, this trip was all about living and experiencing the places we visited. One of them and my favorite (after Tokyo) was Kyoto!

And if you follow me on instagram, you know that one of the best things that I brought with me from Japan were our photos!! Yes, this is my favorite souvenir from the trip. I had a photo session scheduled with Shoot my Travel, (a company that provides amazing photographers to capture your vacation around the world) and they had some of them right there in Kyoto!I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you the importance of having a photo session when traveling and to show you a little bit of Kyoto, of course! Believe me, without this session we would be coming back only with selfies or photos missing either me or Ryu. Now I can’t wait to  print all the images and decorate the apartment!

Our photographer Javier was great, he gave us tips on what to do in Kyoto, told us details about the locations we used to shoot and suggestions on where to rent the kimonos from, because as you can see, I really wanted to feel like a local! He met us on time outside the Kimono shop and was super nice and friendly, made us feel super comfortable, we felt like we could do that all day! A photo session is without a doubt the best investment I can make every time I go away either by myself or with a special someone! Ryu and I had a great time with Shoot My Travel and I can’t wait to use their services again for another adventure! "

📸 Captured by Shoot My Travel photographer, Javier, in Kyoto, Japan.