Our Local Tips to Prague


Hi travelers!

We know summer is the perfect opportunity to take a quick pause on everyday life, and go off to a traveling adventure (maybe cross off that bucket list travel destinations?). Whether you choose to do a road-trip or to change time zones, let’s face it—the planning process could be a little daunting. And with so many beautiful backdrops around the world, even just choosing the right city is hard!

There is a ton of information out there to help with your travel plans, but we know that the only way of getting the right travel insights is from the locals themselves. So, since we happen to have over 1,000 culture gurus across the world, we thought we would share with you a series that can help you plan (or decide) your upcoming trip.

Eastern Europe is becoming a more and more popular travel destination, with cities like Prague at the top of the list.

Our talented Shoot My Travel photographer Michala lives in Prague, and she filled us in on some tips to discover the hidden gems of this unique Eastern European city! Check it out.

Who should visit?

Everybody who is attracted by medieval art, architecture and a picturesque atmosphere. And also fans of great tasty food - there is a lot of restaurants with high-quality meals made from local food!

One thing to know before visiting?

You should know that Prague is unpredictable, you need to live it!


If you were in Prague for a day, what are three must-dos?

Visit the Charles Bridge, Malá Strana, and the bank of the river Vltava

What’s your favorite hidden food spot?

Café Imperial, check it out!


What is your favorite photo backdrop in the city?

Wallenstein Garden, it's a picturesque baroque garden on Malá Strana

What are some travel hacks to unlock a true local experience?

You should meet some local people (a photographer from Shoot My Travel) - they can help you to unlock the best travel hacks! ;)


Here are some of our own tips for traveling to Prague:

  • Beer is cheaper than water. Well in most cases, so it’s not really a question when the waiter asks if you would like anything to drink

  • While tipping in most European cities isn’t the norm or even expected, it is in Prague. Tipping 10-15% should do the trick

  • Take advantage of free walking tours. Some hostels and hotels may advertise them, but you can easily spot them by looking for a person holding an umbrella surrounded by a crowd in the city center. Since these tours are free of charge, the tour guides work off of tips

With photographers in over 425 cities around the world, our team has not only seen traveler adventures be captured, but stories created! After-all, a photo is more interesting when you also have a story to tell.  Remember to book a photo tour and get our local photographers share more of these tips and unlock the full travel experience!