Our Local Tips to Tokyo


Hi travelers!

We know summer is the perfect opportunity to take a quick pause on everyday life, and go off to a traveling adventure (maybe cross off that bucket list travel destinations?). Whether you choose to do a road-trip or to change time zones, let’s face it—the planning process could be a little daunting. And with so many beautiful backdrops around the world, even just choosing the right city is hard!

There is a ton of information out there to help with your travel plans, but we know that the only way of getting the right travel insights is from the locals themselves. So, since we happen to have over 1,000 culture gurus across the world, we thought we would share with you a series that can help you plan (or decide) your upcoming trip.

If you’re looking to take an unforgettable trip, we recommend any country in Asia! 

For this feature, we are choosing Tokyo, Japan to shine our local tips spotlight. Shoot My Travel photographer Kan gave us the scoop on a few tips to keep in mind if Tokyo is on your list!

Who should visit?

Definitely Foodies: Tokyo has everything to offer ranging from top Michelin-star restaurants, street stalls to the countless of international cuisine

One thing to know before visiting?

Be on time for any appointment in Japan. I am sure you have heard about Japanese train operators apologize for being few minutes late. It is a fact, not a myth


If you were visiting Tokyo for a day, what is a must-do?

- An early morning stroll around a traditional neighborhood in Asakusa
- Appreciate a beauty of Japanese garden in Shinjuku Gyoen
- Eat good Japanese food

What’s your favorite hidden food spot?

Local street restaurants/ Izakayas around Yurakucho or Shimbashi. Great chance to mingle with locals and immerse yourself into the real Tokyo dining experience.

What is your favorite photo backdrop in the city?

Night time in Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho/ Golden Gai

What are some travel hacks to unlock a true local experience?

Learn a few Japanese words/ phrases. Otherwise speak slowly and be very patient. Japanese are very helpful but shy to speak in English


Here are some of our own tips for traveling to Tokyo:

  • If you’re traveling from the states, be prepared for a minimum 10 hour plane flight
  • We recommend booking from an international airline, they have much comfier seating and amenities
  • Take hand sanitizer! Japanese bathrooms are very high tech, but often don’t carry soaps or even sanitizer
  • Narita airport is more than an hour away from city center, we advise you purchase your bus tickets in advance!        

With photographers in over 250 cities around the world, our team has not only seen traveler adventures be captured, but stories created! After-all, a photo is more interesting when you also have a story to tell.  Remember to book a photo tour and get our local photographers share more of these tips and unlock the full travel experience!