Top Spring Travel Destination: Amsterdam


The official start of Summer 2018 for the Northern Hemisphere is less than a month away (June 11). For many, this is the time to shed off the few pounds that have been carried during the colder months—yep, you guessed it—Finally putting away those heavy coats and sweaters to the back of the closet!

The upcoming sunshine season officially has travelers blooming from winter concealment, into summer travel plans. Yet, there’s also been many who have already treated themselves to travel escapades through the blissful Spring season (March-June)

Through breathtaking photos, we’ve not only vicariously experienced birds chirping, and trees being filled with color, but we’ve seen a wide range of cities make the must-visit list for our travelers this Spring.

One of our top booked destination for Spring 2018 has been in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Thinking of Amsterdam as your next spring travel destination? Here are 3 cool facts about traveling there Spring

  1. Locals recommend that the best time to visit Amsterdam is in April- May because you just miss the summer time (tourist) season, and still get to enjoy mild temperatures (weather is known for being fussy regardless but you’re less likely to need to a rain jacket during this time)

  2. The city always has a calendar of festive events happening! Here are some of the ones that happen in Spring:

    1. Keukenhof Flower Garden (March-May)

    2. National Restaurant Week (April)

    3. King's Day (April)

    4. Tulp Festival (April)

    5. Liberation Day (May)

  3. The parks in Amsterdam are beautiful all year round, but springtime is definitely something else. The locals are celebrating the transition into sunshine after a long gloomy winter, and it definitely feeds into the outdoor spirit. Think markets and painting vibes!

Thinking of Amsterdam for your next Spring Travel escapade? Hear what one of our travelers said about her recent trip:

“We visited Amsterdam mainly for their wide range of art and history, but it is also such a vibrant and diverse city! Their markets are incredible. Each stall has its own story and unique goods – new and vintage. I loved wandering through – you get to see so many amazing sides to Amsterdam and you meet so many delightful people.” - Mallory @mal_et_merveille