Color Your World with the Sweet Sight of Change

Photo by: Shoot My Travel Photographer Joe in Paris

Photo by: Shoot My Travel Photographer Joe in Paris


This seasons newest collection is out! (And it’s bringing us more than just pumpkin spice menu options.) 🎃

Finally, we can throw on our favorite comfy sweaters and bring out the hot cocoa because it’s cozy season baby! Winter has been creeping up on us for some time now, and we can’t help but notice that everything around us is changing.

Take my hand and follow me on a journey through a crisp crackling of fallen leaves and the beauty that this continuous creation of life delivers straight to our door.

Her name is Fall 🍂, and what better gift than to wake up each morning and see the evolution of the trees, the world around us, and how it all reflects the same cycles we go through as living beings.

Change leaves us no choice but to embrace the natural cycles of life. It’s the only constant. And every year it brings us the promise of new beginnings and the shedding of older patterns that no longer serve us in these new conditions.

‘Tis not only the season to be jolly, but more importantly, it’s the time for loved ones to come together and share uniquely precious moments coated in a cooling, new color palette. (☃️brrr!)

So whether you’re linking up with your homies or you’re flying out to visit your parents, Autumn asks us for one thing only. And that’s to notice her and the world around us, to see the vibrancy of life even when it’s in the process of shedding its precious leaves in order to survive the cold that’s to come.

Photo by: Shoot My Travel Photographer Joe in Paris

Photo by: Shoot My Travel Photographer Joe in Paris

What better time to capture the essence of life? Connection and togetherness aligned with the beauty of a constantly colorful evolution.

It’s only in a photo where one can capture the split second of an emotion, frozen in time forever along with your friends, family, and not to mention your youth. (now you can be young forever!)

Celebrate this season by documenting the love and beauty it pours on our plates. Where families are always together and there's enough food for seconds or thirds!

Book a photo tour with Shoot My Travel and gift of a memory, where you can freeze time and hold each moment close to your heart 💗regardless of whether it’s in a photo album on a shelf or chilling electronically in your back pocket. Autumn is here and she is changing the way we see the world, let’s make sure not to miss it! 👀

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