(Time) Traveling with Daylight Savings ! (& how to beat it) 🤛🏽

Captured by Shoot My Travel Photographer  Kai  in Christchurch

Captured by Shoot My Travel Photographer Kai in Christchurch


Venturing off to experience new realities can be quite the trip. And what better way to embark on your journey than to step on to a flying time machine (commonly known as an airplane).

Jokes aside, as much as we’re looking forward to the longer days and later sunsets, the time change happening now can actually affect your travel plans more than you may think by sparking some unexpected changes including but not limited to: adapted flight times, interrupted sleeping patterns, and an infiltration of the infamous JET LAG!

Daylight Savings springs us forward one hour and is observed all over the globe 🌎!

So I’m guessing you’ve come to question...

“OK, so there’s one hour added to my day... what’s that got to do with my flight to Paris on Friday?”
The answer is simple: “When the time changes it affects everything.”

That being said, here are a couple tips and tricks to ensure smooth sailing throughout your travel plans over the next couple of weeks. ⛵️

Captured by Shoot My Travel 📸 Laetitia in Brussels, Belgium.

Captured by Shoot My Travel 📸 Laetitia in Brussels, Belgium.


It’s 2018, and our constant reliance on computers, cell phones, and their automatic updates opens up a space for things to go wrong. Make it a priority to ensure all your devices are aligned with the correct local time. Besides, doing so before your trip can help your brain adjust to the new time zone before you’ve even arrived.

At the airport, always ask a gate agent how much time you have left before boarding ! 🛫

Here’s a cheat chart for when and where most international clocks make the shift.


Before your trip, it’s important that you calculate the expected time change and whether you’ll be traveling east ➡️ or west ⬅️. Most people find it harder to travel east. Wake up and go to bed earlier to avoid loosing sleep. Apply the opposite when heading west. Aligning your body with the new time zone BEFORE you have to live in it makes the transition easy as pie 🥧(yum).


Ever heard the words "east is a beast, west is best"? Due to the way time change occurs, if it’s possible— head west! “Gaining” hours westwards beats losing them eastwards.

*Pro Tip: Skip the coffee for 12 hours before & during the flight. Caffeine is a one way ticket to interrupted sleep patterns, and we NEED our beauty sleep 💋. Once you set your new time, start living it! Sleep, eat and drink as if you’ve already landed. Talk about a head start 🏁

Captured by Shoot My Travel Photographer  Cat  in Innsbruck

Captured by Shoot My Travel Photographer Cat in Innsbruck


Air travel’s been known to direct you down a one way street to sicky-ville 😷. Concentrated areas, sticky seat mates, and dry cabin air can all cause congestion and funky feels. Making sure you’re staying hydrated and getting a good night’s rest to up your health game! 💯


It’s possible that you’ll arrive to your dream destination feeling a little bit sluggish 🐌. Try to stay strong and resist the temptation of toppling into bed upon meeting. It may be a trip to the struggle bus 🚌, but it’s necessary to make the following days as productive as can be! Besides, you’ll have the best sleep of your life after holding out for so long! Like a baby in a blanket.


Upon arrival, spend as much time in the sunlight as you can 🌞. Not only will it help your body reset its body clock, but it’s been proven to elevate your mood too! 😄Talk about a #WIN !

In conclusion: stay woke, stay hydrated and stay on time !

Your dream vacation depends on it! ✈️

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