Why we’re storytellers of unique travel experiences


My favorite part of traveling is the people. To me life is about the people you meet and the connections you make - How else would you create unique memories? People make everything better, hence, why I think that connecting with locals is the only way to truly experience the city you’ve traveled to. They help unlock a fresh and new perspective about your destination - one that you won’t get from any travel-101 guide.

Personally, I always make sure I travel with an open heart and leave judgment at home, there are no boundaries while traveling (or maybe some, but that’s for another post). My best travel stories have always come from unexpected people I’ve met along the way. In every trip, whether I talked to the tuk-tuk driver who shares with me the most bewildering story about meeting his wife, or talked to a high level executive that shares an anecdote about his long journey to promotion, I’ve always welcomed these connections.

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"My best travel stories have always come from unexpected people I’ve met along the way"

With Shoot My Travel, we want to help connect people. We understand that it’s in these human connections that we create stories, and that stories paint pictures. Photography, in essence, is storytelling. We work with photographers and interact with travelers all over the world daily. Providing both the opportunity to create in-person connections that are now often challenged with technology, while giving travelers the best travel experience by empowering photographers to keep doing what they love.

I believe we’re in the business of storytelling. Shoot My Travel captures travel stories through photographs, and as a result, we create a personal timeless history for travelers. I hope that our stories keep reaching you, and that next time you book a trip you think of us to help capture your unique travel experience!

Valerie <aka Vlopz>