Hello travelers! While traveling to France my self, I fell in love with beautiful Bordeaux. This historic city is brimming with inspiration and calls to all of my artistic senses! I am a professional photographer from Canada, with over 7 years of experience, shooting portraits, landscapes, lifestyle/fashion, and events. I love my city and I feel a real sense of pride when travelers choose Bordeaux as their vacation destination. I would be delighted to tour you around the city, showing you her hidden gems and the local hotspots, all the while capturing your emotions, reactions, and hopefully, your excitement in seeing all Bordeaux has to offer!

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I’m passionate about capturing stories through timeless pictures, to help you remember the things that matter to you. I’ve always approached anything I do with lots of passion, giving the best of myself in everything I undertake. This philosophy is what enabled me to achieve my university degrees, learn three languages, travel the world and live in seven different countries, and work for many years as a French language teacher

I would sum up my style in three words: authentic, soft and natural, which is why I’m particularly fond of outdoor sessions.I’m always willing to travel wherever you happen to be!

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Professional photographer I am here to make you live happy moments.

I am from Bordeaux and I know the coolest spots, small squares, markets, popular places.

I capture your emotions while letting you enjoy the moment. I'm waiting for you impatiently.

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If I needed to introduce myself I would tell you right away my passion for travel and photography , which are always both intertwined! I'm born and I live in my beloved city of Bordeaux, also charmingly named "Le Port de la Lune", where I know each places and stories... However I traveled and visited different places around the world, (basically the Europe and the United States), enjoying and discovering while taking pictures of foreign landscapes and local people that I love to meet. Talking about that, I am a professional photographer since 2011, I like to use that daily life scene as my main photography inspiration. 

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Hi my name is Thierry. Hope to see you soon in Bordeaux.

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