Ellysia Francovitch is a photographer who loves to travel, eat amazing food, run (sometimes a ridiculous amount of miles), and find the beauty in the every day. Ever since her first photography class in high school, a camera was attached to her hand. She then went on to study Photojournalism at Boston University, and now specializes in portrait, lifestyle, wedding, and food photography. 

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I'm a California native, turned East Coast girl after I moved to New England for college. I've lived in Boston for 5 years and love showing people around this awesome city. I'm inspired by traveling and beautiful natural light. My approach to photography is a stylized version of photojournalism. I capture moments the way they really happened, but when needed, with a slight tweak of intention to create more beautiful images. Our session will be just like friends hanging out — relaxed and fun! 

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Hi, I’m Kelsey! I’m a portrait photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. I picked up my first camera in 2012 when I started my personal fashion blog. Since then, I haven’t put it down! My favorite photographs aren’t the posed ones; they’re organic moments of enjoyment, silliness, and genuine emotion. I hope to bring these feelings to your travel photos!

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I'm Leyre, I love my job so much. My specialization is couple, wedding, and family photography, but I also enjoy friends photo shoots and fashion photography.

I fell in love with the camera when my father gave me my first reflex at the age of sixteen. I initially began to learn on my own the basics of the camera and different editing techniques. At that point, I studied photography and video at different art schools, and after that, I started a photography business.

However, my interest for couple and wedding photography began due to the relationship with my partner. Our relationship lasts for more than six years, and we have always enjoyed taking pictures of us together -- and still love it!.

On a more personal level, I love traveling around, playing with my cats, eating chocolate and, most of all, spending time with my partner.

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I was born in São Paulo, but I was raised in Salvador, the sunny and beautiful capital of Bahia State in Brazil’s northeast, which has a gorgeous light and happy people.

I’ve lived in NYC for 4 years in the past and the passion for America brought me back to the East Cost of USA. I just love Boston and the beautiful and historic sites of Massachusetts.

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