Six years ago I moved from Brazil to Washington D.C. and decided this was the moment to take the leap and change professions. I was a lawyer, but photography has always been my passion!

Tokyo, the city that I chose to live in after Washington, provided incredible images that are exposed in an endless confrontation between the traditional and the ultramodern, the local and the global. There, every alley, every park, every walk, every meal explodes in contrasts, memories and sensations.

The challenge now, back in Brazil, in Brasilia, is to turn all the magic into photography, avoiding the obvious and always seeking the unusual, the unprecedented, the unique. This city is passionate and endless. The perfect place to combine the passion for photography with the traveler's soul!

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I have been passionate to photography since my twenties taking photos as a enthusiast and working as system analist. Three years ago I became a professional taking may kinds of oportunities, like travel photography of group of wanderlust people that love to knew cultural and adventure places around the world. At some way I have got taste of photojournalistic photography, getting images in a more natural way.

Today I am taking a misc of photographic styles like events, corporate, street, travel, product and gatronomy. In most ways I like to make people try new movements to get a nike and beautful images.

Some clients of mine chose me becouse of my photographic style, even in wedding events. So I was contacted to take pictures like personal celebration events, Mercedes corporate events, travel group in Nepal, India, Brazilian natural adventure trekking and street sports photography.

For me photography is the best way of remembering.

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