Bring that energy and experience home with you! Coming to a new place gives you a whole new perspective, and here’s a chance to show off the new you.

I’ve worked with influencers, travelers and models all across Japan and England, capturing their essence and the helping to give them some of the local vibe to take with them.

Walking through the city, it’s sights, sounds and people shouldn’t be confined to just you and your smartphone. Show the world who you are, and where you’ve been!

Working with you, making sure we hit the right spots, the right light, and everything in between is absolutely No.1 on the day. You bring your best self, and I’ll capture it for you.

Good memories are just around the corner!

I’ve been a photographer for the last 5 years, training under renowned Japanese photographers and recently expanding into shooting for large fashion houses and their social media. I specialize in that high-impact imagery you see crop up on your Instagram feed.

Let’s make sure this is a trip you won’t forget anytime soon!

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I'm Sky - a Brighton born international portrait-lifestyle photojournalist with a passion for telling YOUR STORY!

I love nature, natural light and cinematic colour grading & was  a video editor / colour gradist for 15 years and a pro photographer for 6years. 

I am a  self taught photographer, government trained and used photojournalist and am agency represented in LA; I spend my time shooting between my home town of Brighton where I love seeing my Dad ( I am actually teaching him photography) and friends -  and Los Angeles, where my partner and I have a contract to shoot medical/surgical operations with some of the finest American Cancer surgeons for an LA Oncology Hospital department. I have been working for a team of surgeons recording their work for charities similar to Doctors Without Borders since 2017. 

I love shooting a whole range of different subjects - anything that my lens captures in fact - but particularly like candid photojournalism; yes I can take great portraits of you but some of the best will be the ones where you let your guard down having a laugh shooting with me!

I am an extremely experienced British Government trained photojournalist - my first assignment was covering a political election on the Caribbean country of Montserrat. Prior to that assignment, I spent 15 years backpacking through Asia, in particular Thailand with my videocamera. Sailing to Brazil from the Canary Islands was one of my highlights!

I also shoot head-shots and publicity material for up and coming actors and artists from leading agencies in the UK and L.A -  and of course who wouldn't love to shoot portraits of cute families & kids? ME!!! I particularly love shooting romance and families but have a passion to shoot anything where I can " tell your story".

On a personal level, I love to explore and backpack, ski (snow) and also occasionally act - which has been useful when I have photographed actor stars such as Lesley Nicol from the BBC's Downton Abbey. Being a professional in front and behind the camera means that I know how to direct you and position you with  flattering body angles!
Let me shoot your magical moments!

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