Hi, I’m Alexandra, but my friends call me Alice! I was born and raised in Bucharest and when I’m not taking pictures, I work as an architect and freelance graphic designer, enjoying every minute of it. You could say that my training as an architect made it my job to know where the many hidden gems of Bucharest are and what their story is. I am a keen traveler myself, having visited over 12 countries. Therefore, I understand how it feels like to uncover lesser known places even in the more famous cities.I also enjoy shooting on film so I can bring my analog camera as well if you like the feel of film photography. Lastly, I hope you will let me shoot your travel and share the experience of (re)discovering Bucharest together!

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Roxana Alexandra Gavrilă is a Documentary Photographer at a small studio she started together with her best friend. She graduated from the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu in Bucharest with a masters degree in Architecture in 2014. After graduating she started working with her husband at an architecture and design studio in Bucharest. She is currently working as a freelance photographer and graphic designer. She is passionate about minimalist architecture, graphic design and travel. Before taking photography seriously she used to play around with analog cameras which she still enjoys doing from time to time. 

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