My name is András. I’m a portrait photographer living in Budapest. I spent many years in the travel industry and I have always loved to meet people from all around the world. I’m passionate about shooting portraits and I’m passionate about my city as well. It would be a pleasure for me to capture those moments of your trip in Budapest that you will remember even years later. I would be happy to show you the stunning view of the city looking around from Buda Castle, or the refreshing City Park and the beautiful Heroes’ Square. Book me as your photographer in Budapest and let me be your guide for a while!

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Hello, my name is Anna. I was born in Budaörs which is a small town near the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Since the years of high school and university, I spend most of my time in Budapest. It’s an amazing city – you will see!  I study human resources and marketing at the university and when I’m not taking pictures, I usually paint, read or walk with my friends in the town. I'm really looking forward to show you the places in my capital and I hope you will enjoy your stay in Hungary, (re)discovering the best places together.

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Hi guys! I’m Attila and I’m an Italian photographer based in Budapest. I like to meet new people and I enjoy taking photos with them. I love to take photos in the heart of the city. We can turn every street and every corner of Budapest into a wonderful scenography for your memories.

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I'am 33 year old event and fashion photographer raised in Budapest and I know all the little places of this city. I prefer to work in a way that I share the emotions with you, thus there is no need of taking any pose or doing unusual things during the photo session. I love to capture natural moments, laughter and the relationship between people. Let me shoot about your travel and let it be a great experience for the both of us!

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I was born and raised in Germany. 10 years ago, I went abroad for the first to improve my English and gain work experience. That was when I fell in loving with living in different countries. I left Germany for good about 5 ago.

Since 2017 I live in Budapest. I visited the city a couple of times before that. I love exploring the city and roaming the street, camera is often with me. I enjoy capturing beautiful moments and meeting people from all over the world.

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29, Open-minded, always ready for fun.
I’ve started as a nature photographer then I got interested in portrait, and people, now I’m making stock photos too. I love natural light, capturing moments of candid joy. Being able to do what you love is a prevelege, plus getting to know someone new is always interesting.
I hope we’ll meet soon and begin our adventure!

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