Hi there! I’m Alex from Budapest. In order to have fun & create beautiful pictures together,  I think it’s important to choose a photographer who resonates with you. I

I think we would make a great team, I would be more than happy to capture your adventures, honest smiles, and intimate moments and show you around in Budapest’s must-see places as well as the hidden spots that only locals know. 

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Hello, my name is Anna. I was born in Budaörs which is a small town near the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Since the years of high school and university, I spend most of my time in Budapest. It’s an amazing city – you will see!  I study human resources and marketing at the university and when I’m not taking pictures, I usually paint, read or walk with my friends in the town. I'm really looking forward to show you the places in my capital and I hope you  will enjoy your stay in Hungary, (re)discovering the best places together.

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I'am 33 year old event and fashion photographer raised in Budapest and i know all the little places of this city. I prefer to work in a way that I share the emotions with you, thus there is no need of taking any pose or doing unusual things during the photo session. I love to capture natural moments, laughter and the relationship between people. Let me shoot about your travel and let it be a great experience for both of us!

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