I'm  Creative Director at La Criolla Studios, a Buenos Aires Design and Photography Studio, focused in Beauty Cosmetics.
I offer photo modelling classes to all kind of people, demystifying the beauty published in advertising and helping to find the best version of each other.
I hope to meet you soon.

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I’m Ayelen a photographer born and raised in Buenos Aires, i also have a degree in Cinematography. I love to travel the world! Photography and traveling are my two strongest passions. I’ve worked as a destination wedding and life style photographer in the Caribbean and Central America for four years and recently returned to live in Buenos Aires. I love the city and know every place of it, for me the Most Important thing is to understand what the travelers want to see, then I'll chose the best places for them. Buenos Aires has a lot to offer!

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I'm Caro, I'm a photographer and cinematographer from Buenos Aires. I speak Spanish, English and some French. After I have lived in Sydney for some months working as a children photographer, I started travelling the world and realizing how amazing is to meet new cultures, discover new places, eat typical and delicious meals, making new friends and, share each moment with our loved ones and, most importantly, to rencounter with our own self! My purpouse is to capture those spontaneous and unique moments in your visit to my beautiful country while we get to know each other; talk about trips, experiences and expectation and share some mates! ♥

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My name is Clara, I`m photographer and video maker born in Bariloche (Patagonia), living in Buenos Aires since 2010. Over the last years, I have been studying and working as photographer in different music tour's around Europe and the US. My photography style is photo-journalistic capturing with natural light a true moment. I speak english and Italian and I love to travel to learn about people of other cultures.

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I am a half British, half Argentine and grew up in France, Switzerland and the UK. I have now been living in - and loving - Buenos Aires for the last 10 years. I am a regular contributor for magazines here and abroad as a portrait, lifestyle and fashion photographer.  

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I’m Fabricia, a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Buenos Aires. Originally I’m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro but I also lived in Houston, TX and in Oslo. I speak Portuguese, English and Norwegian.
I have discovered my passion for photography 11 years ago when I took my first photography class at Rice University, Texas.
I have worked as a dentist for 14 years and from the dentistry, I brought my perfectionist eye to my pictures. In 2012, I moved to Oslo when finally I decided to follow my heart and started to work as a portrait photographer.
Now in Buenos Aires, I can say it’s an amazing city, a mix of old and modern, the nature is stunning during the four seasons and I like to explore these features on my pictures.

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** Available from December 1, 2018 **




I am Jadna Lima, Brazilian, graduate and post-graduate in Business Administration and Law. I speak portuguese and spanish. Passionate about photography since always, but this love grew when I arrived in Buenos Aires two years ago. What I love the most is photographing people and getting to know their stories. My style is casual, in my sessions I long for light moments, fun and relaxed. My purpose is that people be themselves, connecting, enjoying the journey and living the unique moment, without interventions or forced poses, in this way, I align technique, sensitivity and emotions, creating a sequence of incredibly beautiful and spontaneous photos without forgetting to show the beautiful scenery chosen for the photo shoot.

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I began photographing because of my passion to travel, I've lived in several countries around the world and visited more than 30 countries aprox. As a traveler I know how fascinating it is to walk around the city with a local, and better yet, a photographer to document your memories there. Enjoy a fun and relaxed photo tour.

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Hey! My name is Vanessa, I am a Brazilian photographer and currently live in Buenos Aires. I am very animated and I have a open smile. I love meeting new people! We can talk in Portuguese, Spanish or through photography. I find it amazing the idea of storytelling through photography and together we can explore the most charming and beloved city of Latin America. 

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