Ezzat Hisham, self taught photographer, i was born and raised in cairo. i studied architectural engineering but i started to photograph when i was like 21 years then i realized that this is my real passion and what i really want to do. i tried many types of photography but i really like to photorgaph people portraits. My dream is travel around to photograph different people and different cultures and i started to travel around egypt first. i try to show everything through my eyes and my own point of view.

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Hi I'm Manar Gad From Egypt, Born in Saudi Arabia. Before I started taking interest in photography, everything seemed ordinary in my eyes, but it all changed after I started noticing the little details. I found beauty in every corner. I can now see feelings and emotions, nothing seems ordinary any more. Photography gave me a new eye and a tool to document what I see and feel, it also gave me a chance to touch others and change their perspective about life.

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Photography has been my passion for more than 12 years. I love traveling, exploring interesting places, and meeting new people. Hope to see you soon here in Cairo!

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I'm Mo'men Esmat, Professional Egyptian photographer 18 years of experience in photography.
I live in Cairo and serving the all Egypt Country areas. 
I’m an artistic photographer who pays attention to the finest of details in the the shot, focuses on the love stories for couples, who is able to see your emotion, achieve capturing the actual spirit of this magical time in your lives.
Your special moments require the touch of skilled hands that has been trained followed by many years of experience. I will produce your beautiful photographs, it will be like a breath of fresh air every time you see it.

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