Born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area is where I was originally an artist with an animation studio before focusing on my love of capturing the connections that makes us uniquely human through photography.
In school, it was film photography; now I’m self-taught in digital photography and love it. My passion extends to all aspects of lifestyle photography; and I particularly love the art of the candid that tells a great story.
I recently lived in Murrieta, at Temecula's Valley, and when I wasn’t shooting barn weddings, I was capturing lifestyle portraits, corporate, public, and private events. Also, as a parent of now-grown kids, I’ve been there with kids of all ages, and I love the beautiful chaos, the awe, and wonder they bring to us in an authentic way.
Currently based in Cambridge, Vermont. Easygoing, flexible and always professional, I love meeting folks from all walks of life and am excited about capturing your next adventure!

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