I’m experienced Lithuanian professional photographer who is addicted to travel and expert in portraits, couple and family photos. Photography is my job, my hobby, my love.

Few years ago together with my wife we moved to Fuerteventura. Wild and picturesque beaches enchanted us so much that it became the reason why we are here in this special place.

I love a fresh, natural, candid and spontaneous photography. I believe the best and most valued photos are those which can show a real YOU.

It doesn't matter if during the photo shoot in the most picturesque and camera-friendly places in Fuerteventura you will be alone, in couple or with your family or friends you will get all my attention and positive vibes.

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*Andrius is available in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote*




I love to create memories shooting couples and also telling stories of a beautiful day with friends. Before working as a freelancer,  I worked in a photo studio editing weddings pictures and also shooting. Last two years I worked in a Surf Camp in North of Spain, South of France and also South of Nicaragua, it’s so nice to meet new people and show around the main places to the guests. This is my eighth year as a photographer. While I was working in the surf camp I mainly did lifestyle photography. Currently I use to shoot couples and weddings more than portraits or lifestyle but, but I still do it.
I don't like forced poses, I like to make them laugh and create natural situations where my clients feel comfortable doing what I ask them to get the photo I'm looking for, always spontaneous photos.

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*Héctor is available in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote*




My name is Michael and Photography is my passion, one of many which I do truly enjoy doing, every single shot, every single angle is different and it depends from which point of view you are observing. Some may see something extravagant, some may think the shot is completely normal but I always try to seek connection of the soul within the nature which I try to include in my shots. I speak English, Spanish and Polish but I am very communicative person so even if you dont speak my languages, I will intend to speak yours!

My most favourite place to do photo shoots are the Dunes in Maspalomas, the only reason is that everyday they seem to be different, everyday something tends to amaze me even though I have been there many times. 

I am very laid back person, so I am sure that I will make you feel relaxed infront of the camera, so you will be showing your natural you, the one that your friends and family love.  

However I know many hidden spots on Gran Canaria where we could go to places that not many people or even photographers know. Are you ready for some adventure? 

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*Michael is available in Playa del Inglés*