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LAURA founding photographer Laura McNamara possesses a professional degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Missouri - Columbia. Formerly working as a reporter and anchor, Laura has appeared on television and has broadcasted on the radio. Both her written articles and documentary photography have been published in international magazines and on important news Websites. Thus, at we absolutely capitalize upon such seasoned experience and incorporate professional journalistic standards into our visual media services.

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Hola! My name is Lili Arizmendi and I am a professional photographer who lives and work in the beautiful Riviera Maya.  My motto is “Photography made with love” because I really love what I do and there is no other thing in the world I would rather do. My style is fresh and natural and it focuses in capturing your essence while integrating the great surroundings of my beautiful country’s nature and personality.  I hope that you like my portfolio and would like to join me in your next Mexico vacation for an hour of fun and great sightseeing. Can’t wait to shoot your travel!

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