I’m a professional fashion and portrait photographer from Russia. All my life I’ve been traveling and working around the world and finally settled in Cape Town, where I’m doing my second degree in Visual Communications specializing in Photography. I’m a very cheerful life explorer, who never stops developing. Cape Town is a photography paradise, as it has unbelievably clean air and vivid colors, big choice of diverse picturesque sceneries and breathtaking views. I will be happy to introduce you to places that best suit your taste and style, anything to your liking: enormous vibrant city districts, ocean-view promenades, Table mountain walks, white sand beaches and wine lands.

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I LOVE photography, meeting new people and giving people something that they will never forget - and what better souvenir than photographs!. I have studied Bcomm Marketing at Stellenbosch University, South Africa and after I graduated I studied full time, a 1 year Commercial photography course at Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. I LOVE travel and meeting new people, so I did a 1 year English teaching contract in South Korea. I simply LOVE people and to photograph the emotion between them! I love to capture fun photos in beautiful locations! I LOVE photographing all kinds of people.. I LOVE families, children, couples.. in short I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! I eat, sleep, dream photography! I am very good in directing people and putting them at ease on shoots. 

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Hi, I’m Lynn, a professional photographer and amateur film maker living in beautiful Cape town. I have been developing my unique style since 2008 while working for magazines like Oprah, Seventeen, Imbo magazine and a few local stand-up comedians producing images for newspapers, billboards and posters. I know my city inside out and can show you the roads less travelled…so you will definitely have some interesting photos to show.

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Hi I am Tanith and am fortunate to call Cape Town my home! This city has it all - bustling city centre, beautiful beaches and amazing mountains. If you would like to visit the main tourist attractions, explore quaint towns in the outlying areas of the city or go off the beaten track, I would love to be alongside you capturing your experience and creating images that will resonate with you long after your tour has ended.  I seek to make a connection with you as my client to help you feel relaxed and have fun so that your images are timeless and natural.

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Hi I'm Tegan. I'm a Cape Town based photographer specializing in portraiture, fashion photography. I'll love to show you around my beautiful city. 

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Hi, my name is Yann. I’m in love with the MotherCity, Cape Town. I celebrate this love by capturing its vibrant life, happening at every corner. After almost three years in Cape Town, I forged my eyes and my sensitivity experiencing its dynamic, capturing instant and making them infinite. It's always a real pleasure to share my knowledges and my little secrets about Cape Town. It has offered so much to me that it's the least I can do. Join me for an adventure around Cape Town, from vibrant streets to remote beaches. You won’t leave the same way you arrive!

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