Lifestyle and portrait photographer, in love with capturing moments as perceived. I always had an insatiable curiosity about the world, especially people and their emotions. My camera is an extension of myself, my third eye...allowing me to see things from all kinds of perspectives and freeze moments before they get lost in time.

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HI I’m Terry, I have been working as a photographer in Morocco for the past 8+ years. I am originally from New York City, but moved to Morocco shortly after graduating from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After spending the past 8 years running around the country shooting Editorials or fashion campaigns, it has become a second home. If we are lucky enough to spend sometime together in Casablanca while you are here, I’m sure I can provide you with a view of this amazing city from it’s Art Deco Architecture , to the stunning Hassan II Mosque, maybe spend time in the old medina near the port and stop by the classic Rick’s Cafe for a tea and photos in such a historic place.   Mixing the classic with the modern or spending time experiencing the sight and smells of this amazing city, I look forward to the beautiful images we can create together and the unique perceptive you will bring home with You.

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