Carlos André

I'm a photo journalistic professional photographer, certified by the Associação de Fotógrafos Profissionais and the Federation of European Photographers, specialized in the areas of portrait, photo-journalism and lifestyle, with a keen eye for details and tryingto be as original as I can. I love to leave my clients at ease and make them laugh.

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Hi, I'm João. I'm from Portugal but my father is from São Tomé e Principe so I can say my roots run deeper in Africa.  I love photographing people and showcase their personality . My dream is to see and capture the whole world trough my lens. I would love to show you around beautiful Cascais. 

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Maya & Miguel are married with two beautiful children whom we consider to be our inspiration to become career photographers. We love what we do and consider it a privilege to be able to capture the best moments that unfold in each one's life. A photograph has the ability to record our history, it lasts in time for generations to come. Portrait photography is our passion, but what makes the experience worthwhile is meeting new people and creating new memories along the way. 

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