My name is Conor Livesey and I was born in Manchester, England. We moved to New Zealand when I was 8 and ever since then I have been heavily involved with outdoor sports such as Surfing, Skiing, Rock Climbing and Whitewater Kayaking. During participating in these hobbies, I have had the privilege of going to a number of stunning places around New Zealand and have had experiences that will last a lifetime. A massive passion of mine is Photography. As far back as I can remember, me and my friends had a camera with us at every moment ready to capture the incredible experiences and locations I’ve been lucky enough see. As time went on, my passion for photography developed and grew. Today, I’m never without my camera and my passion for the outdoors remains just as strong as it did when I first came to New Zealand.

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My name is Kai and I am a freelance photographer. I work for clients such as Tourism New Zealand which is pretty cool as I always have a good reason to get out and about and discover new spots. I would love to show you my Christchurch. Wether you are interested in the emerging CBD, great beaches or awesome views from the Port Hills - Christchurch has it all and I would like to share the greatest places with you.

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Hi! My name is Midge, a 23-year-old photographer based in Christchurch, NZ.

I believe that less is more and I like photos that capture the moment, not ones that are full of alterations. For me, my passion is fulfilled when I see beauty in truth, and when my work makes the viewer feel the same way. I’d love to capture your day exactly how you’d want to remember it!

I love going on adventures: may it be found in books, video games, anywhere else in the world or in my own beautiful backyard that is Christchurch!

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